Meet the Team

We love books. We love sci-fi. And we love sci-fi art.

We're a tight-knit team of artists passionate about gripping storytelling and beautiful visuals who have created an extraordinary new experience for fiction.

Let me say that again: we are artists. What we want is to create beautiful, mesmerizing, cool stuff. Words, music, visuals, animations: this is what we do. And then we wrap all of this up in a gripping story.

We have over 100 years of combined experience in our craft. We've won the award for Best Animated Film, we've worked with Ben Kingsley, Johnny Cash and Jane Seymour. Our work is featured on Netflix, Amazon Prime, ABC, BBC, NBC, ESPN, and SKY to name but a few and is displayed in museums and galleries across Europe.

Adrien has been writing since he was a child and still remembers asking a neighbour to type up his first (wildly implausible) story on a typewriter. He's been nourished by science fiction for as long as he can remember and, while the list of titles which have inspired him is endless, The Expanse, Blade Runner, Neuromancer, Dune, The Martian, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly, hold a special place in his heart. He was 4 when he went to see Star Wars and had to leave the cinema for being scared when Darth Vader choked a soldier on the Tantive IV.

Adrien holds a degree in Mathematics and Physics, and is drawn to the speculative side of (hard) science fiction: following the impact a technology will have on society is the most fascinating aspect of this genre.

Adrien is Italian, but has been living in Berlin (the city he considers home) since 2005. While consuming science fiction is a passion, the bills are paid by a 20 year-long career in marketing.

Alex is our digital artist - St Petersburg's unrecognized genius.
The first person to join the team, Alex is the reason Arrival of the Gods made it all the way here: no matter what what we ask of him, he always creates a beautiful piece of art which perfectly captures what our clumsy words tried to describe. Yes, because what he creates are not mere illustrations, it's art.

Among the countless projects he's been involved in, Alex worked on Ku! Kin-dza-dza, which won the Asia Pacific Screen Award for Best Animated Film, ahead of Miyazaki's The Wind Rises. And there's a very good reason why the movie won: the artwork is stunning.

Christopher is our heavy hitter: a classically trained actor with almost 30 years of theatre, TV, and film credits: a real performance artist! He's worked with Ben Kingsley, Johnny Cash, Jane Seymour, Matthew MacFadyen and Hugh Dancy, among others.

Christopher possesses a wealth of professional experience, a passion for storytelling and the nuanced sensitivity of a true artist. And it's this experience and his range we need in Arrival of the Gods. He is tasked with one of the most delicate roles in the team - bringing the story to life - and he's already doing so.

Edu is the youngest member of our team, but his age is inversely proportional to his talent.

Raised on sci-fi, music and technology, Edu is a multi-talented artist with a passion for science and technology, and with the soul of a musician - he's in a rock band since he was 16 and can play both the guitar and the piano.

Edu discovered science fiction as a child, sitting next to his father as he watched his favorite show: Star Trek. Then came Star Wars (he's of the generation for whom Episode 1 is the beginning) and the sci-fi wonder never stopped.

VFX is his calling: the perfect blend of art and technology.

Paul is our incredibly talented composer. He's one of those naturals who's born with a piano in his hand and a passion for music in his soul. I fell in love with his work the first time I heard it. Not only has he created an original score for AotG that gives me the chills every time I hear it, but he's created enough music to score the entire 81 episodes.

How did we manage to convince him to join us? I have no idea. He's had his music used on Netflix, Amazon Prime, ABC, BBC, NBC, ESPN and SKY to name but a few. Why he decided to work with us is a mystery to me :)

Simonas is the perfect example of the modern-day traveling artist. He's lived and partied all over the world: from Saigon to New York, from Melbourne to Berlin. Partying is more than just fun, it's, in his own words, "to do the defragmentation" (yes, like Windows!) and to start again fresh the next day.

VFX may pay the bills of his bohemian life, but his soul belongs to art: whether it's henna tattoos on the streets of New York or abandoned places photography on the Greek islands, his mission is to capture beauty - and he does so in each and every frame on his hard drive. Simonas' work has won numerous awards and is featured in museums in 3 different countries, from Vilnius to Florence.

When he's not making art himself he's watching other people's masterpieces: Inception, Interstellar, and Love, Death and Robots are his go-to titles.