What's Arrival of the Gods?

What's Arrival of the Gods?

220,000 words, 81 chapters, 7-800 pages

So, what is Arrival of the Gods, exactly? Arrival of the Gods is a 220,000 word, near future, hard sci-fi novel which took me almost 4 years to write.

Let's break this down.

220,000 words represents an approximately 7-to-800 page book. This is then divided into 81 chapters.

Near future means the story takes place a handful of years from now as opposed to thousands of years in the future like Dune or Hyperion. And that the setting and the technology are hence similar to what we are experiencing now.

Hard sci-fi describes books which put a particular emphasis on getting the science and technology right and the implications that these have on the world in which the story takes place. Examples where this is done right are The Expanse, Seveneves and The Martian.

I've revised each chapter, on average, 27 times

It took me 1.5 years to write the first draft and then another 2 to rewrite it again and again and again. I've revised each chapter, on average, 27 times. Yes, I've kept track of this.

These 220,000 words, these 81 chapters are the basis for the video novel with the same name.

Each chapter will become a full episode clocking in at an average of 15 minutes per episode. We will release one new episode every week and these will be available for free, forever on YouTube.

And, to provide for an even more immersive experience, we will make the videos available to be viewed with your favourite VR goggles.

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