there's a team of only 3 people working on this

A couple of months back I thought we could release our first trailer on August 1st. I am here today to tell you that I won't be able to keep that promise.

Putting together a project like this one takes an enormous amount of time. The main reason being that we are doing something new. New not only for us, this is the first production we're embarking on, but new for the space, there is nothing the like on the market. As such we are learning ourselves what is important and what isn't, what works and what doesn't.

The team working on this project, besides myself, consists of Alex, an exceptionally talented digital artist whose work you've been admiring on our Instagram page and on our YouTube channel, and of Paul, an equally exceptional composer who's been creating the soundtrack which can be heard in our teaser trailer.

There used to be a fourth team member.
You see, when we started I thought it would be possible to find a single person capable of directing, editing and creating the visual effects. Needless to say, that was too ambitious.

this time we're looking for two people

We did find a person to cover all these roles, but unfortunately it didn't work out. Not that he wasn't talented, on the contrary. It's just that this wasn't the right project for him.

We have started the search again. And this time we're looking for two people. We're looking for a visual-effects slash video-editor artist and for a director. But finding the right people takes time and I can no longer keep the August 1st deadline.

We are now aiming to release our trailer on October 1st and the first episode a month later.

We're also planning on creating a number of teaser trailers and other videos like this one. We want you to know what we're working on and what we're thinking about along every step of the way.

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